Fuck Rosa Parks and Fuck E.D. Nixon

December 5, 2007

Next time you are having a conversation with an ordinary black person, ask them if they know who Claudette Colvin is. I gaurantee that about 80% of the time, the answer will be “Who?”

Now, for those of you who didn’t just scurry over to Wikipedia and do a search on “cluadett clovin,” here’s the scoop. Ms. Colvin, when she was 15 years old, refused to give up her seat to a white man on a bus. No, I’m not confusing her with Rosa Parks; Parks did the same thing, but she did it a full 9 months after Colvin did. So why did Rosa become the poster child for the whole Montgomery Bus Boycott? Why did she become a huge part of American history? Because Colvin was, according to E.G. Nixon, too much of a penniless, pregnant whore to be the hero.

E.G. Nixon was the leader of the Montgomery NAACP chapter and he was eagerly waiting for some poor soul to get arrested for not giving up their seat to the white man so he could rally the black folk and have his little power trip. It finally happened, but Nixon and the NAACP passed their judgement on poor Colvin like the religious zealots they were and decided to wait for a “nice, middle-class, Christian person” to refuse give up their seat. And, lo and behold, along came Rosa Parks. Oh, how fortunate that a woman who was already heavily involved in the Civil Rights Movement even before her bus incident, just happened to be exactly the type of good, moral, Christian person E.G. could use to start his boycott endeavor. If you ask me, Rosa Parks was a fucking puppet and E.G. Nixon was holding the strings. She knew exactly what the fuck she was doing the minute she got on that bus. She wasn’t just some random, unfortunate person that became the victim of oppression, like Claudette was. She was on a mission.

So fuck Rosa Parks, but more importantly, fuck E.D. Nixon for being a manipulative jerk-off, and a White Sentinel salute goes out to Ms. Claudette Colvin for being the real hero.


Slavery Is Black People’s Fault.

November 18, 2007

Well, I came across a racist blog on WordPress called the Black Sentinel, and I thought, “Hey, if this woman is allowed to constantly badmouth the white race and call us murderers and accuse us of destroying Africa, then shouldn’t I be allowed to talk about some complaints I have against black people?” With that thought in mind, I created the White Sentinel. I’m sure it will be deleted and I will be banned from WordPress because only blacks are allowed to be racists, but in the meantime, let’s kick back and talk about some issues.

Something that is annoying me constantly these days is how misinformed people are about the history of slavery. Everyone seems to believe that the evil white people sailed across the sea to Africa, abducted a bunch of black people, and put them to work in the cotton fields, but that’s simply not what happened. What really happened was the Africans sold their own people into slavery. African kings would wage wars against neighboring states and sell captives to Europeans, who would in turn, sell them to the Americas. The African kings made so much money doing this that they began waging wars for the sole purpose of capturing and selling their own African brethren. Look it up on Wikipedia; it’s all there. White people didn’t enslave anyone. They simply bought slaves that the Africans had captured in war. If anything, those captured slaves were lucky; if I had the choice between working in a cotton field and having my limbs hacked off with a machete, I’d put on my overalls and get to work.